How to maintain a healthy eye

  • 08/09/2015 12:02
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 Do not neglect your eyes they are God's gift to you and your negligence it may destroy it completely so follow the following tips to protect it

  1. Eat healthy food, for a good vision

Protecting your eyes starts with food and nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids, lutein, zinc, and vitamin C and E which may help ward off age-related vision issues, such as macular degeneration and eye cataracts. Studies suggest that eating healthy food on a regular basis can help in maintaining a healthy eye, for example the following foods:

- Leaf vegetables such as spinach, turnips, cabbage

- Salmon, tuna, and other oil-rich fish

- Eggs, nuts, beans, and other non-meat protein sources

- Oranges and other citrus fruits or juices

- A balanced diet well also helps to maintain a healthy weight, which makes you less vulnerable to diseases associated with obesity such as type 2 diabetes. Diabetes is the leading cause of blindness in adults.

  1. Quitting smoking

It makes you more likely to get eye cataracts and to damage the optic nerve, and macular degeneration resulting from smoking. If you have tried to quit smoking before and started smoking again, try to quit smoking to preserve your health and the health of your eyes.

  1. Wearing sunglasses

The right kind of sunglasses helps to protect your eyes from ultraviolet (UV) exposure, because it makes you more likely to get cataracts and macular degeneration as a result of extended exposure to ultraviolet radiation.

Choosing sunglasses that block 99% to 100% in both UVA and UVB rays. The lenses wrapped around your eyes help to protect them from the side. While polarized lenses reduce the glare when driving

 If you wear contact lenses, they provide some protection from ultraviolet radiation. But it is still a good idea to wear sunglasses for more protection.

  1. The use of safety glasses

If you work with hazardous materials or portable you should wear protective goggles all the time, some sports such as ice hockey and tennis can also lead to eye injury. Wear eye protection (such as protective helmets with face masks or sports goggles with polyethylene lens) to protect your eyes.

  1. Look away from the computer screen

Staring at the computer screen for long periods can lead to blurry vision and a problem with focusing on a distance and eye dryness and headaches, neck, back, and shoulder pain

You have to take the following steps to protect your eyes:

 - Check your glasses or contact lenses and that they are adequate for use with your computer.

- Some people may need glasses for need on the other hand, to prevent eye strain when using the computer.

- Put your computer so that your eyes are at an appropriate level with the top of the screen. This allows you to look a bit to the bottom of the screen.

–  Try to avoid the glare on your computer from windows and lights. Use anti-glare screen if necessary.
–  Choose supportive and comfortable chair and place it so that your feet are flat on the floor.

If your eyes are dry and give more twinkle every 20 minutes, you have to look away to a distance of 20 feet for 20 seconds at least every 2 hours, and take a break for 15 minutes.

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