Aspirin protects against stroke .. also cancer

  • 21/09/2015 02:04
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The recommendations issued by an independent committee of experts in the field of medicine have pointed out that people between 50 and 59 years old are at higher risk of heart disease and stroke and they have to take a daily low-dose of aspirin.

  The US Preventive Services work force, which has the support of the government, said that in addition to the prevention of heart attacks and strokes, those who follow this system have lower incidence opportunities of colon cancer if they persisted on this aspirin doses for at least ten years.

 These recommendations come in a narrower scope than the previous recommendations issued by the task force, which has linked its proposals with type and age different group. Amendments on recommendations are based on adding the risk of colon cancer, and the addition of four clinical trials regarding aspirin since 2009.

          Doug Owens, a member of the Committee, said that "the ones who we recommend to take aspirin are the ones who are exposed to increased risk of heart and blood vessels diseases, and those who are not susceptible to bleeding complications."

 Last year, the US administration for Food and Drug refused prescribing aspirin to prevent heart attacks and stroke.

 On the other hand, the results of studies conducted on animals have pointed out that the intake of regular cheap aspirin by cancer patients can strengthen the effectiveness of the high cost modern drugs which in turn will help their immune system to fight tumors.

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