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The manuscript eminent among the historical documents owned by the King Abdulaziz circuit, was the one donated by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz to the circuit 18 years ago on behalf of (Al-Moknea) to Mowaffak Al-Din Abu Mohammed bin Qudaamah who lived between 541 AH and 620 AH and it was duplicated in Al-Diriyah in 1220 AH, discussing the doctrinal matters needed by Muslim in his life. This manuscript was not only one of a series of historical documents that King Salman bin Abdulaziz was keen to acquire from the various sources to meet his innate passion for science which adhered to him since childhood and was the reason why he was described a man of history, culture and intellect, in addition to his desire to serve the history of the Arabian Peninsula as well as its sciences and Literature, to provide researchers and knowledge seekers with what feeds their knowledge of authentic sources and useful books. The step of King Salman dedicating the manuscript "upon accessing the Emirate of Riyadh and the Presidency of the Board of Directors of King Abdulaziz circuit" set an example cited by everyone who had an ancient historical document in the Kingdom, so everyone rushed to deposit what they had of historical sources to the circuit, accordingly each source was deposited on behalf of its owner, so that it dates back to him whenever he wishes, in compliance with the directives the beloved King.

Officials of the circuit assert that the manuscript (Al-Moknea) of the most important of what they acquired about the heritage of the first Saudi state before the fall of Al-Diriyah in 1233 AH, and re-copied in 375 pages by Sheikh Suleiman bin Abdullah bin Mohammed bin Abdul Wahab in the zenith of Al-Diriyah, and its economic prosperity with an Arabic script least described by utmost beauty and vowelization in which bright colors, decoration, and multiple lines are used.

The manuscript received great importance for the Islamic Fiqh scholars, its re-printing in luxury books currently made widespread prevalence in the Muslim world, since it is considered authentic scientific reference in various doctrinal issues, not to mention its historic role in highlighting the first Saudi state interest in science, and its care for the publication of books in a period where copying and publishing were famous via booksellers. The circuit maintains the (Al-Moknea) manuscript in the center of manuscripts located in hall comprises over five thousand ancient document, once the visitor enters it, he goes back with time to the sixth century AH, where the books and Islamic historic manuscripts of Arabian peninsula, specifically the Saudi Covenant, interceded by antique tools used by booksellers in Najd for coping during the Middle Ages, and papers scattered here and there under maintaining glass numbered and stigmatized by the names of their owners, and carriying within them the hallmarks of a variety of eras.

With the push of a button, the atmosphere in the corridors and offices of King Abdulaziz circuit change between cold and moderation, but the manuscripts center maintains a constant temperature of 21 degrees, which is the atmosphere that experts emphasized is the degree for preserving historical papers from damage, after beeing re-renovated in King Salman Center bin Abdulaziz for the restoration and preservation of the historical materials of the circuit.

The circuit enables researchers and science scholars to see the contents of the center, which was established in 1423, and was listed as a member of the Islamic manuscripts at the University of Cambridge, UK, so as to take advantage of their knowledge, while the number of scientific papers that depended on these manuscripts were 250 message, in addition to nominating a number of manuscripts to be converted into printed books.

بالصور.. الملك سلمان يهدي
بالصور.. الملك سلمان يهدي
بالصور.. الملك سلمان يهدي
بالصور.. الملك سلمان يهدي

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