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On 1/3/1440 H ,  for a p eriod of three days the team of the QPedia International Encyclopedia  Prof.  Galoud Bin Dekhail the general supervisor accompanied with several of well-known media and press staff as well as the famous people of social media   paid a visit to Al- Daier Bani Malik Governorate in Jazan in coordination with Professor Ahmed bin Jubran al-Maliki and Professor Yahya Sharif al-Maliki (who played a major role in facilitating the team's task and preparing this article) Here is the report on the governorate and the visit: Daier Bani Malik is one of  the Jazan region sixteen governorates, it is located to the east of the city of Jazan, about 150 km (43 east and 17 north). It covers an area of about 4000 km 2 and its urban is  the city of Daier, its affiliates are seven centers namely (  Al-Hasher Mountains, Al-Zaidan,....More