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The Fountain of King Fahd is of the most significant landmarks in Jeddah, it is located in front of the city beaches on the west coast of Saudi Arabia on the Red Sea. We are going to learn some facts about it in quick points. - It is the tallest fountain in the world, as it reaches a height of 312 meter or the equivalent of 1024 feet, making it even longer than the Eiffel Tower itself! - The second tallest fountain in the world is the Gateway Geyser in St. Louis in Illinois in the United States, as length reaches up to 192 meter i.e. 630 feet, or nearly half the height of King Fahd fountain. -  The construction of the fountain began in the early eighties, and it began to run in the same structure of today in 1985. The fountain was created in the style of "Jet d'Eau" fountain in Geneva in Switzerland, which is considered its most famous....More