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Muwailih: The town of Muwailih is located in the Tabuk region in the northwest of the Kingdom and the Arabian Peninsula, and the town overlooks the Red Sea, and today it belongs to the Governorate of Duba. Some believe that its name came from the salty eyes that were in it, so Mawaleh is  short form of salty , while others think otherwise. As for its old name, it is Nabek, and it was called by Ibn Fadlallah Al-Omari (740 AH) and Al-Jaziri (977 AH).As for the travelers, geographers and historians before Ibn Fadl Allah Al-Omari, it was called Al-Nabek, and we find its name by Mawleh among the travelers who came after Al-Jaziri, such as Al-Ayyashi, Al-Sarraj Al-Qaisi, Sibret Al-Mousawi, and others. As for Ibn Fadl Allah Al-Omari, who was a precursor to Al-Jaziri, he called it Al-Muwailiha. Likewise, Ibn Hajar Al-Asqalani ( 852 AH), Al-Maqrizi, Al-Sakhawi, Ibn Taghri....More